Device Recycling. All methods

We use a huge variety of devices to make everyday life easier or to spend our free time - the PC is used to work or simply for entertainment, the cell phone is used for telephoning, TVs, stereos, etc.

The market constantly offers new devices and consequently increases the demand for new smartphones, computers, tablets and much more.
If an old device is broken, it doesn't always make sense to repair it, as this can be more expensive than buying a new device.

New acquisitions are associated with the problem of recycling of old devices if they are not or cannot be given away or sold.

Why recycle the device?

Device recycling is a complex and time-consuming process and is therefore managed in specially designed plants.

On the one hand, this serves to return recyclable materials to the goods circulation and thus conserve natural resources.

On the other hand, device recycling protects the environment from toxic, carcinogenic and other dangerous substances.

The manufacturers of electrical and electronic devices are therefore under increasing pressure to produce in an environmentally friendly and recyclable manner.

Device recycling for free

So, that the manufacturers can fulfill their duty, it is necessary that the defective devices are not disposed of by the consumer in the household waste. Instead, electrical appliances from the household can be handed in free of charge at municipal waste collection points.

However, since this procedure differs greatly from region to region, it is worth getting information in advance, for example on the website of the local waste disposal company, what can be thrown into which rubbish bin and where the nearest recycling yard is in the place of residence.

Shops with a sales area of more than 400 square meters must take back old devices free of charge.

The "old versus new" principle a purchased device from the same category (for example, a TV against a TV) can be returned free of charge.

Avoid recycling if it possible

But apart from professional disposal, there are other ways to dispose of old devices in an environmentally friendly way.
You can try to sell your devices on trading via platforms such as eBay, Amazon,, .etc

The classic alternative to the Internet is selling at the "flea market" or through ads, if it's convenient for you. For some really old cell phones, the price can also go up again, because some antique devices may already be a collector's item.

Give away, instead of device recycling

Simple and good alternative: simply give away the old device. Think about who could use an older, still functional device in your vicinity or further afield. If the retired hardware can be started up and used with little effort, social institutions may also be happy about your old device.

A final tip: if you want to get rid of old PCs, laptops or cell phones, be sure to delete all personal data. In the case of data carriers, the old data can be restored, for example, when formatting using Windows on-board means - the correct erasure tools should then be used to erase the disks completely and without residue. You can find out how this works in the guide for deleting hard drives and SSDs.

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