What does Cabriolet Mean?

The cabriolet traditionally has a soft top made of fabric or PVC. This soft top can be completely folded back and hidden behind the upper flap. However, folding metal roofs, the so-called rigid countertops, are also very often used.

The first cars with a fixed roof over the heads of passengers appeared only a few decades after the invention of the automobile. It was just a matter of price: cars with an open body shape were cheaper than cars with a closed body. However, later the function and price of convertibles changed - they became more status and expensive.

Where does the name come from?

But, what is a cabriolet? The definition is quite simple: a car with a folding or retractable top. Thus, all special forms, such as Roadster, Spyder or  Speedster, fall under this collective term.

Like many names of the body, it originally comes from the carriage structure. The cabriolet was a light two seater wagon with a convertible top. According to historians, the name can be traced back to the 17th century. The term cabriolet originated in France, but was later adopted by coachmen in England and Germany.

Today, a cabriolet is a sports luxury auto with a powerful engine and an elegant body, or a small, light sports two-seater car, designed primarily for young drivers who have received a fairly fast car at a relatively low price.

Due to the lack of a roof, cabriolets need special reinforcement of the body and chassis. For this reason, cabriolets are usually more expensive than their closed counterparts. However, they are expensive not only from the point of view of the purchase price, but also from the point of view of the classification of insurance.

How to properly care for the convertible roof of a cabriolet?

Gently remove light dirt with a soft brush. Bird droppings, various resins or dead insects should be removed as soon as possible with a damp sponge, otherwise permanent stains will appear. Use warm water and clean the entire roof of the cabriolet, not just the affected areas.

For cleaning, it is recommended to use special means for folding fabric roofs. Do not resort to ordinary household cleaning products, because they can leave bright spots. The roof is very sensitive, so you should refrain from using a high-pressure cleaner and use a spray gun instead.

In order for the folding roof to remain in good condition, it should be regularly soaked. The impregnation protects against fading in the sun, removes dirt and refreshes the color. Also, do not forget to lubricate the upper joints with oil so that rust does not settle there.

In addition, you should regularly check the rubber seals so that water does not get inside – special rubber care handles are suitable for this. Because if moisture gets into the car, it leads to fogging of the car windows, especially at low outdoor temperatures.

How to properly care for leather seats of a cabriolet?

If your cabriolet is equipped with leather seats, intensive care is also required here. Because the leather in the cabriolet is exposed to many external influences - wind, sun and dust. The UV radiation dries out the leather, making it cracked, porous and pale. To keep the material supple, special leather care products are recommended. However, before this, you should thoroughly clean the seats.

Disadvantages of a cabriolet

- The driving sounds in the cabriolet are significantly louder than in closed vehicle variants. So, conversations with the passenger are only possible to a limited extent
- There's hardly any room in the trunk
- Cabriolets are heavier and thus usually consume more fuel
- Higher costs for purchase, maintenance and insurance are to be expected
- The care and maintenance of a cabriolet is very time-consuming

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