How to Choose a School

Each parent wants to give better education to their kids for the foundation of a better future. It is quite difficult to choose a school for your child. The decision making process doesn't get any easier since there are so many different types of institutes these days. You need to care different kind of things before selecting the first school of your child.

Often, we either choose the same schools as we went to or where the neighbourhood children are studying. However, every child has different educational needs. Being а parent, you understand him better, so take into consideration the following pointers.

So, How to Choose a School for Your Child?

Mode of Instruction

This should be the first thing on your checklist. How a lesson is taught is equally important as what values are being imparted. Case studies, field trips, real time experiences and practical experience should be an active part of the planning process.

Are there posters reinforcing learned skills? (for example, if upper elementary students have learned writing, reading or math techniques, are there posters reinforcing the steps to those techniques prominently displayed around the classroom?)

Classroom. (Image: Sharon Campbell)

Choosing an Area for School

Not all areas have abundant school choices. Start with the public school district for the area you live in or plan to live in:

- How many elementary schools there are in your area?
- How far is from your home to them?
- Is there a safe route to walk or cycle for your child?
- Is there а school bus?

While it can be tempting to try for a school that's on the top of everyone's list, first make sure the school meets your practical needs. The best option of getting informed is to make a wide research about the several potential schools around your locality and henceforth take your wise decision regarding the same.

What Distinguishes a School?

Many schools have special focuses, such as the arts, a language-immersion program, technology, or science. If the school has no pedagogical philosophy or curriculum theme, ask what the school is most proud of. The best schools are the schools that have a student-centred approach, not a parent-centred approach or a school-centred approach.

Remember to check the initial registration period, especially if your child is entering a grade that is not a traditional entry point. Traditional entry points in the U.S., for example, are kindergarten for elementary school, sixth (6th) grade for middle school and ninth (9th) grade for high school.

School Lesson. (Image: Tamucc)


When they are at the playground, they gets many vital lessons out there. The playground is also where children learn valuable lessons about trust, teamwork, patience and following rules.

They are taught the various ways of making them engaged about the ways of getting involved in social relationships, they are being taught about the ways of swing, climb on some elevated structure of how to play bat and ball:

- Does the place offer enough space to run around, play?
- Does those equipments which they are using to play are safe to be at their leg or hand?
- What are the requirements for playing on a team?

Playground. (Image: Michelle TeGrootenhuis)

Professional Level

It can be a challenge to understand the professional culture of a school. But it's worth asking if teachers collaborate and have a unifying vision and goal for their students. Try to talk to the teachers to get a feel for their teaching and learning philosophy.
Ask about how they handle discipline in the classroom. Do teachers have regular meetings to discuss projects, teaching techniques, and specific students? Is there friendly, open, respectful communication between the teachers and children?

Choosing a school for your child. (Image: Joe Tompkins)


You should visit your local primary schools that you are considering before you enrol your child.
Schools need not be too grand or impressive, but a sprawling green cover, sufficient space to house the infrastructure and well developed edifice is a must. See that your child will be safe and comfortable as he spends most of the time at school.

Also, when you choose a school, consider safety by looking at the physical layout of the building. Are entrances and exits controlled so that children can leave and outsiders cannot enter? Is there a strict entry and exit policy for students?

Visiting a School Which you Want to Choose

School staff can provide tours, classroom visits and information about their institution. Most schools welcome enquiries and will organise a time for you and your child to visit.

This visit will help you and your child see how students behave in the classroom (and in the hallways) and how teachers engage the students in learning.

What does the building look like outside and inside? Is it in good condition or dilapidated, large or small? Take a look at the toilets, classrooms, and administrative offices and rooms when you choose a school.

How to Choose a School - Visiting. (Image: Leo-Setä)


The food which will be served in the elementary school will be giving you an option about how they will be taking care of your kids.

If it is difficult or impossible for you to send your child to school with a lunch, ask if the school provides one and how much it costs (public schools all offer a free lunch for those families who are entitled to it).

Are they taking proper nutrition cooked by the school staffs or they are running out of the right diet chart?

Cafeteria. (Image: Joe Tompkins)

Ashley 09/08/2016

I agree with thіs post. As a parents you want tо select the bеst option for yоur child when to choose school. Finding a preschool can bе challenging but it possible. I have enquired wіth both public аnd catholic schools in Canada and they аll accept mid-term enrollment, hоwever you wоuld have to submіt paperwork preferably 4 months (or more) in advance.

Samantha 08/08/2016

Thanks for the article!
I choosing a school here in Anaheim (California), and I lоve it. They are smаll only accepts five students a year (most of theіr kids gets acсepted into the fully gifted program). The teachers аre caring and the teaching model іs hands on, like gardening and projects. Dіd I say that I love this school. My oldest attends there nоw and my youngest in on the waiting list for nеxt year.

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