What is a Sedan Car?

Sedan - description

A sedan is a type of passenger car of other types, which is a closed car with a fixed roof supported by three pairs of pillars called the A, B and C pillars. They are characterized by a characteristic notchback line.

It is specially designed for passenger transport. The shape of the body and its size are designed for elegance, comfort and ride comfort.

Taking along equipment, equipment or goods is limited to personal needs. The sedan is clearly based on a convertible and a roadster. The coupe is considered a subspecies of the sedan.

How does a sedan work?

A sedan is a two- or four-door car with a separate trunk, which appears in the profile of the vehicle as a stage. The trunk is completely separated from the passenger compartment and can only be opened there as an option.

Sedans are otherwise completely normal passenger cars. They are available in all performance classes and with all engines. In addition to the compact vehicles and station wagons, they represent one of the three classic types of passenger car construction.

Where is a sedan used?

Sedans are mainly used for individual passenger transport over longer distances. The carrying of loads is limited possible, but the loads are intentionally separated from the passenger compartment.
There are several reasons for this:

On the one hand, a smaller interior of a vehicle is less susceptible to resonance. In sedans, therefore, can create a particularly relaxed noise atmosphere for a comfortable travel.

By separating the transport space bulky, dangerous or unpleasant loads can be transported so that they do not disturb the driver nor the passengers while driving. After all, limousines are a bit more exclusive than estate cars, which is why luxury-class vehicles are not offered as station wagons.

Sedans are represented in all vehicle classes. They are represented both as a small car over the middle class up to the upper class. Since they are present in all classes, there is also no mass manufacturer who has no sedan in the program. In the upper class, they are represented in addition to the derived from them coupes alone.

Sedans are often used for vehicles that are being converted for personal protection. Especially the luxury sedans offer enough space to inconspicuously accommodate armor in the passenger cabin.

Who are the main manufacturers of sedans?

All manufacturers of cars have several sedans on offer. This is especially wide for the mass producers Toyota, Peugeot, Citroen, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Ford, Opel, Nissan and other. A sedan is a great choice for lovers of classic and practical vehicles.

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