How to Choose Car Insurance? What you Need to Pay Attention?

Which car insurance is right and how do I find it?

Responsibility for the car is a statutory requirement for every driver and their vehicle and must be completed before the registration of a car at the registration office. In order to bring transparency into frequent questions about car insurance, it is necessary to focus on one's own criteria and not only to pay attention to favorable tariffs but, above all, to high-quality and far-reaching car insurance services for his vehicle.

But not only with the motor vehicle liability, but also with the traffic legal protection, as well as the partial comprehensive insurance and fully comprehensive insurance appear frequently questions to the car insurance on and look for competent, professional and understandable answers. Before deciding on a provider, it is advisable to inform yourself about its services and to gain insight into the settlement in case of damage. If the car insurance is claimed and charged with the reimbursement, it should be characterized as an uncomplicated and timely acting provider.

Which services should you value for your vehicle?

This is the question most policyholders ask themselves, and consider what they value and what a well-chosen insurance must include. Of course, the cheap price plays an important, if not for many people a superordinate role. But if it is focused on being the sole or primary criterion for decision, deficits in performance can be identified, and while one pays cheap contributions, in the end it will encounter problems in the event of an insurance claim and forego comprehensive coverage and reimbursement.

Each policyholder pays equal value to certain aspects. The accessibility of the insurer, its handling in the reimbursement of costs and the rapid handling in case of damage are criteria that characterize a good and optimally chosen contract. Therefore, the focus in the online comparison should be mainly on these points.

Why is the price important second?

You can save and it is not necessary to choose a much too expensive provider for partial coverage, fully comprehensive car insurance, motor vehicle liability or traffic rights protection. But a favorable contribution alone does not characterize a good insurer. If you first look at the benefits and then focus on the due contribution, you can choose a powerful and at the same time cheap car insurance and opt for an advantageous and comprehensive car insurance. But if you leave out the benefits of the insurance comparison outside and is based solely on the price, you quickly make the wrong choice and choose an offer which is cheap, but not powerful and convincing for his vehicle.

Is it worth a partial cover insurance or fully comprehensive car insurance?

Since the human being works in such a way that he always looks for the cheapest offers and really wants to save, the benefit of comprehensive and partial comprehensive insurance is often questioned particularly intensively and considered whether one really receives an advantage through the insurance. Should be based on the value of the car and thus include the age, as well as the time value of the car in the decision. Especially with new cars, annual cars or expensive used cars with a small age, it is advisable to fall in the event of theft or damage due to vandalism on a fully comprehensive insurance. If the car is stolen, the partial coverage for the damage also occurs. If you have even completed a full insurance, you can even ask for insurance with a comprehensive insurance to cover costs and saves much more than if you waived due to the desire for cost savings on the insurance.

Is a fully comprehensive insurance with expensive vehicles necessary?

High-priced cars also attract very high-priced repair costs, so that the car owner would quickly get into trouble and, for example, by the necessary repair and the expenditure to do so out of pocket, reduce his credit rating and resort to a loan. You can save yourself these costs and choose a fully comprehensive insurance. Especially if the car is parked overnight in a public car park and not in the garage or a video-monitored car park, you should not save at the wrong end and get annoyed later, the claim has occurred and no insurance coverage is given. You can also save, in which one completes the full or partial comprehensive insurance with a deductible in the desired amount for his vehicle and thus reduces the contribution payments. In the event of an insured event, the insurer pays the costs, whereby the policyholder only has to contribute to the repair costs in the amount of the contractually agreed excess.

Why the traffic rights protection?

Nobody has to believe that he is not even dependent on legal representation in his career as a motorist. This can turn out to be a big mistake and result in high costs in case of a legal dispute or a necessary out of court settlement with an accident opponent, or if one has to renounce the legal representation and does not get his rights.

The costs for legal advice, but also for out-of-court settlement or legal action are borne by the insurer. Some contracts state that the reimbursement of costs will only be made if the policyholder has proven innocence. It makes more sense to have legal expenses insurance, which enable a general reimbursement of costs and, if evidence of innocence is not provided, or if the policyholder is convicted, demand reimbursement from him, but allow him to file a claim in court.

What is a reasonable amount for the excess?

The deductible is intended to reduce the cost of contributions and to opt for a favorable offer, in which you only have to come up with an own contribution in the event of damage and this must be provided in contractually agreed amount. The higher the deductible, the lower the contributions to legal protection. Choosing the amount of deductible with care and can easily apply in the case of insurance, you really saves and makes a convincing and appealing decision in the choice of the insurer.

Car Liability - Is it worth it to save on the deductible?

The motor vehicle liability does not exist with own contribution, but only as insurance, with which the offerer guarantees the full assumption of costs and provides in case of an accident for the payout of the accident opponent. The premiums can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. If the annual payment is chosen, you pay less than if you paid the contribution to the car insurance monthly.

Why is the motor vehicle liability legally required and why must proof be provided when registering or registering a vehicle?

Every car driver, whether in debt or innocent, can be the victim of an accident. If he drove without car insurance coverage, the accident opponent would receive no payment and would remain on the damage, which can also show up in five-digit height, sit. Therefore, the liability in traffic law is mandatory and to prove the basis for the operation of cars in public roads.

Which possibilities do you have to change the car insurance?

When you buying a new car can always be decided for a new car insurance company. If a car is sold, shut down or no longer used for other reasons, it can be deregistered from the insurer at any time and without notice.
When changing the car insurance, the policyholder has the opportunity to terminate at the end of the year. In this case, he must adhere to the deadline if he wants to be insured with another car insurer in the new year.

Which car insurance should you choose?

For local insurers, the costs are usually higher, as the operating costs and rent for the maintenance of the agency, but also the labor costs of the employees transferred to the policyholder and counted.
There are no agency fees for direct insurance, so that the favorable conditions for operating the insurance can be transferred directly to the policyholder.

What can I expect from the partial coverage car insurance?

If a marten, for example, eats the hoses of the cooling and this is followed by an engine damage, which can also be expressed as a total economic loss, the partial coverage only the costs, consequential damages are mitversicherichert and not excluded by contract. In this case, the policyholder must provide proof that the engine damage was the result of the marten bite and not for other reasons. It can sometimes be difficult to prove that this is the case, but insurance companies have competent and experienced experts who can identify and prove the consequential damage.

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