Speed Up Hair Growth

Split ends. The word alone triggers in most anxiety sweats. Unfortunately, even the healthiest hair is often not spared. Due to frequent blow-drying without heat protection, regular dyeing and too rare lace cutting, the split hair ends are faster than you can say split ends. The hairdresser then comes the great disillusionment, so many inches need to be cut.

At first the new bob may feel refreshingly new and light. But a few weeks later, one wishes oneself back the long hair. It can take some time until it reaches its original length after a radical cut. Depending on your predisposition, hair grows up to one and a half centimeters per month.

With the following tips and tricks, the growth can be accelerated - and at the same time, it also prevents new hair breakage effectively.
So, how to speed up hair growth?

A regular hairdresser's visit

For a healthy, long head of hair, there is no way around cutting lace. For those who pay the barber a regular visit, prevents the formation of split ends and thus prevents hair breakage. As a rule of thumb: every ten weeks must be one to two inches off. It is best to enter a reminder directly in the calendar - then you do not forget to arrange the next hairdressing appointment.

Scalp massage to speed up hair growth

Sounds like a nursery tale, but promotes hair growth actually: Even a five- to ten-minute head massage with your fingers or a massage spider stimulates blood circulation, which provides the hair follicles with significantly more nutrients. This speed up hair growth and makes it healthier.

Here's how it works: massage the scalp with your fingers in small, circular motions while applying light pressure. If you want to save time, head massage can also be done directly under the shower - this will help to cleanse the scalp more intensely of sebum and styling products.

Beware of sharp fingernails: in order to avoid damaging the sensitive scalp, the fingers should lie flat on the skin during the massage. Similarly effective to make hair grow faster: regular brushing, preferably the famous 100 brush strokes a day.

The right care routine to speed up hair growth

If you want beautiful skin, you must take care of it. The same applies to the hair. To have not only long, but also healthy hair, you should take care of the hair. Proper care can avoid split ends and provide long hair with nutrients and moisture right down to the tips. Some tips that can easily be incorporated into the beauty routine to make hair grow faster.

Nourishing masks for an intact hair structure

The regular use of nourishing masks is essential for the hair. Special formulas with moisturizing aloe vera or rich argan oil care for the hair structure and counter split ends. Although hair masks not speed up your hair growth, they protect the existing hair against breakage and thus play a crucial role in long, supple hair.

Special shampoos for better circulation of the scalp

Caffeine shampoos work well against hair loss because caffeine stimulates the scalp, much like a scalp massage. Improving the circulation of the scalp also speeds up your hair growth.

Shampoos with the coenzyme Q10 achieve a similarly good effect. Their growth-promoting properties can of course be used without hair loss: if you want a long hair, should the normal shampoo every other hair wash for a shampoo with caffeine or Q10 replace. Regular use speed up hair growth and makes it stronger.

A rinse with apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar not only makes hair silky smooth and shiny, it also nourishes the scalp and improves hair combability. All three factors are effective against split ends. The traditional home remedy is not only affordable, it is also very easy to apply and is our tip for a light beauty treatment at home to make speed up hair growth: mix one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a liter of water, the rinse after Hair wash on the hair and wash well. Fortunately, the strong smell evaporates very quickly - as soon as the hair is dry, they no longer smell like apple cider vinegar.

Silk for beautiful hair

Beautiful hair while sleeping - that sounds too good to be true, but it actually works with a silk or satin cushion cover. These are not only incredibly soft and pleasant on the skin, they also protect the hair from split ends. For while the rough surface of normal pillowcases additionally strains sensitive hair and thus favors split ends, silk pillowcases are very gentle on the hair. Their smooth surface reduces unnecessary friction of the hair.
So, to speed up hair growth, you should bed it correctly at night. Another plus: unsightly sleep lines on the face are also a thing of the past with a silk pillow.

Oils to speed up hair growth

Special oils such as olive oil, castor oil or coconut oil - as an intensive mask or in combination with a head massage - it can also speed up hair growth: olive oil counteracts the hormone responsible for hair loss.

Castor oil, meanwhile, contains many Omega-6 fatty acids, stimulating hair growth in a natural way.

A similar miracle weapon is coconut oil because it penetrates directly into the hair and provides it with nutrients and plenty of moisture. It is best to leave the oils on once or twice a week as a cure overnight.

Good to know: since castor oil is particularly viscous, it usually takes two washes until all the residue is removed from the hair. To avoid oil stains on the sheets, it is best to wrap your hair overnight in an old T-shirt or sleep on а separate pillow.

A healthy diet for your hair

True beauty comes from within: If you eat healthy and balanced, you will not only be rewarded with a taut figure - your hair will speed up growth and become stronger.

However, a lack of nutrients, however, leads sooner or later to brittle, dull hair. People who eat vegetarian or vegan eats should therefore take care that the body gets enough iron and proteins. A lack of trace elements and protein unfortunately promotes hair loss.
Dietary supplements such as biotin, yeast or silica can help speed up hair growth and make it healthy.

Vitamins are also essential to speed up hair growth, it is very important that enough B vitamins are present in the blood, because they support the absorption of other vitamins and minerals.

Have the hormone balance checked

Do you take care of your hair, eat healthy and still grow hair very slowly?
In that case, disruption of the hormone balance could be the reason. Hormones affect hair growth directly and can therefore be crucial to speed up hair growth. Taking the pill is one of the strongest treatments in the natural hormone balance: it can promote beautiful hair, but unfortunately cause the opposite.

If you suffer from hair loss or disturbed hair growth, it is best to consult your gynecologist - perhaps the pill is the culprit. Another reason could be the thyroid, which can be examined by means of a blood picture.
For both points: do not carry out a hasty self-diagnosis, but consult a doctor directly.

3 points that you should definitely avoid to speed up hair growth

The right care, healthy diet and regular head massages are only useful if you avoid the following:

Stress in everyday life

Mental problems are not only generally harmful to health, they also make themselves felt quickly on the head. Too much stress on the job or in your private life could be the reason why your hair is fragile and looks unhealthy.

Therefore: reduce the stress of everyday life as much as possible - for example with a few minutes of meditation a day, exercise, hobbies, a long walk or yoga.

Styling tools

You should avoid using hot blow dryers, straighteners and curling irons as often as possible if you want to speed up your hair growth. Because heat strains the hair structure enormously, which in turn leads to dry and brittle hair tips. Who can not do without such styling tools, should always use a heat protection for the hair. Or you do it like the French and let the hair dry in the air.

Alcoholic drinks

Anyone who renounces alcohol from time to time will also be rewarded with healthier and longer hair. Because: alcohol dries out the hair and thus favors split ends. From now on more often exchange the sparkling wine for a healthy smoothie.
And do not forget to drink at least two liters of water daily to provide the cells with enough liquid. This will definitely speed up your hair growth!

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