Daily Calorie Requirement

In order to create а diet plan, you must first define some data. These are, for example, your gender, age, your body weight and your height.
Calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index), to find out roughly what kind of condition you are in and to determine out the daily calorie requirement.
This is determined as follows: Body Mass Index Definition

Now that you have a rough orientation through the BMI, it is necessary to calculate your daily calorie needs. Of course, this one is not exactly accurate, but so you have value to adjust your diet.

The daily energy requirement for men:
66.47 + 13.7 × body weight [kg] + 5 × your height [cm] - 6.8 × your age [years]

The daily energy requirement for women:
655.1 + 9.6 × your weight [kg] + 1.8 × body height [cm] - 4.7 × your age [years]

In order tо include your sports activities in your daily calorie requirement, you must аdd the following values.
Thе values ​​indicate how many calories per kg body weight and hour are consumed.

Important factors that can influence the daily calorie requirement:

- Activity, work area
- Your Metabolism
- Your Gender
- Your Age
Please, be always honest with your information, otherwise, unfortunately, no optimal weight loss take place.
After you have determined your calorie needs, you should prepare your diet plan according to our detailed instructions: For Guidance.

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