How to Look Always Trendy

With these 10 tips, you can always look trendy:

1. Don't worry about clothing size

38, 40 or 46 - these are just nasty numbers that say nothing about whether a piece of clothing fits well and you feel comfortable in it. Only buy parts that really fit you. And cut out the small pieces of paper with the size information if it irritates you that you are wearing a size larger than usual.

2. Avoid certain materials if you want to look trendy

Materials like lace, silk and patent leather can look trendy and really great, provided they have been processed to a high quality. Otherwise, they quickly give your outfit a cheap touch. So play it safe and do without clothing made from these materials and instead buy a pretty piece made of classic denim or a top made of pretty cotton lace instead of plastic-like satin.

3. Choose high-quality accessories

Of course you can spice up your outfit. But please attach great importance to a coherent implementation and high-quality accessories. Otherwise, the result can quickly appear cheap.
Be careful with synthetic fibers! A wrap dress made of polyester jersey, which charges your hair electrically, or an acrylic sweater with fluff will quickly look like a funerary table and then you will definitely not to look trendy.

4. No transparent parts without inner lining

There are some things that make your clothes look cheap at first glance. An unwanted transparency is clearly one of them. For this reason, you should never buy light summer dresses or skirts without a lining. If you are unsure about buying a piece of clothing, you should do the transparency test in daylight before you finally decide on it.

5. Choose comfortable underwear

A well-fitting bra and panties that neither pinch nor pinch and do not show up are the basis for a successful outift. With the right underneath, the clothes fall over it better - and you feel more comfortable. Take your time and get advice from a specialist shop.

6. Stay away from designer imitations

Do you want to look trendy? Then please avoid designer fakes. Because even if one or the other imitation is made so well, the connoisseur will always expose it. So, stay away from cheap designer copies and you will always look to trendy.

7. Beware of the sale: do not fall into a shopping frenzy!

The trick is: spend money to save! Do you know how much money you invest in fashion every month? Write it down - you spend a lot in passing, for a bargain in the discounter or the unfortunately too small but cheap ballerinas in the sale. This is how you collect mountains of shoes that squeeze at home and clothes that look like clothes after the first wash. The pretty sum that comes together is better invested in a high-quality part. With a great handbag made of genuine leather, you will demonstrate significantly more style and will look trendy than with four different plastic models.

8. Want to look trendy? Avoid stretch

Are you looking for affordable jeans that look high quality? Then Jeggins & Co. are an absolute no-go. Instead, invest in a classic model with a straight leg or in mom style and avoid models that are too trendy or have a high proportion of polyester. And therefore look cheap. Dark denim always looks high-quality, but only if they don't fade too quickly.

9. Wear subtle jewelry

If you want to wear costume jewelry made of fake materials, please. But then please in a subtle version. Because, honestly, too much trinkets look very cheap. So, if you want to look always trendy, wear jewelry simply and unobtrusively, then it will more harmoniously fit your look.

10. Pay attention to the shape of the handbag

When buying a cheaper handbag, you should make sure that the model has a structured shape and keeps it as long as possible. So, you'd better choose a pretty saddle bag or a handle bag instead of an oversized shopper or a travel bag.

We hope, that we have answered the question how to look trendy.

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