How to Pick a Bridesmaid Dress

The bridesmaid is usually a "young lady", very often a friend or sister of the bride. It is a long-standing tradition to choose them among unmarried beautiful young women.

Her main task is to help the bride on the wedding day and follow her, they are the ones who will deliver the bride to the groom, and they should be there for the bride at any time when she needs them.
So, the perfect appearance for them is a must and this is directly connected with the perfect bridesmaid dress.

As a bridesmaid you should first be know what the bride is going to wear, what kind of wedding it is going to be, and if there are any special arrangements for the event.

Today bridesmaids do not have to wear exactly the same gowns, giving them greater freedom in choosing the length and color that suit them best.

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You must to pick а bridesmaid dress that goes well with the wedding dress, but should not look too similar. Try to choose it in soft colors to provide a contrast that matches the bride's wedding dress.

In the event that the bridesmaids have to pay for their own dresses, the bride either gives the style and color of the dress, or allows the bridesmaids to choose a dress to their own taste, if they match the theme of the wedding.
The pick of bridesmaid dress can be as difficult as choosing the wedding dresses.

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Bridesmaid dresses come in different shapes and sizes, but some of them will make a slim girl look great and others won't be flattering at all. So, it is very important to consider different styles before making your purchase.

These days, popular styles include full-length, tea-length, one shouldered or strapless. A tea-length dress is a favorite option for those who like vintage style without excessive strictness in the silhouette.

Short hemlines can mean everything from about two and a half inches above the knee, to а bubble hem, to a tea-length dress that drops to about the widest point of the calf. A short dress can be more amenable to the bridesmaids because it is a gown that is more likely to be worn again to a party or even as а guest to other wedding.

Long or full-length dresses can sound more formal, but that is not ever true. It can be more formal, such as a strapless dress with а pick-up hem or а tiered organza skirt, but it can also mean a high-low hem style that is long in the back, but to the knees in the front.

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The color of the dresses should be uniform, which will be more attractive in the wedding ceremony and in the photographs. However, it is important that the bridesmaid dress color suits the wedding dress.

Often, the color of the dress is based on the bride's preference, but today many brides allow different undertones of the same color to be worn by her bridesmaids. The fall and comfort of the dress depends largely on fabric. Try to stay away from heavier fabrics. Rather opt for bridesmaid dresses in georgette, chiffon and crepe.

Always avoid light air materials during the cooler season. At the same time, heavy fabrics are not a practical choice for a midsummer wedding as this will make the bridesmaids sweltering in the heat. The bridesmaid dress you choose should be both comfortable and attractive.

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For a bridesmaid, most stylists recommend а little bit more simple hairstyle that not as complicated as brides, and do not add so many ornament headdress.  
And remember, dress for bridesmaid should be such that it should not overshadow the bride's wedding dress or be in complete contrast to wedding dress.

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